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The numbers were a bit distracting then I realized it was a countdown. Doublechecked and made a slide just cause I obviously have nothing else to do...

EDIT: The slide may contain some spoilery images.

Motility 5! cracked me up. :)

Aug. 29th, 2010


I have no rational basis/policies about friending/defriending. Friending is done completely on whimsy and whenever the little penguin residing in my head tells me to.

You can friend/defriend me, also on your whimsy and whatever little cute animal in your head tells you, too.

Beautiful Psyche banner credit goes to duskwillow.

Philippine Floods

As you may have seen on CNN, Metro Manila and nearby provinces in the Philippines were hit by the worst flooding in decades killing dozens and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Pictures of the flooding show how the torrential rains devastated Southern Luzon. I don't have a camera so I couldn't show you how bad it was. But lots of people were able to capture the flooding.

This map shows how extensive the flooding was/is.

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I am now packing canned goods, instant noodles, blankets and old clothes to give to the local parish tomorrow. It is my regret that I couldn't give more right now when the victims need it most. Unfortunately, payday is still a week away.

If you can help the victims of the flood, please donate to a credible private organization like Philippine National Red Cross or GMA Kapuso Foundation. Alternatively, donations through paypal may be sent to TxtPower Organization

Giant sigh of relief, nonstop squeeing...

Honestly, until the moment I saw my name I was fearing the worst. A few weeks before I told my friend Liway that I've been having dreams of seeing my name on that list but I convinced myself that dreams mean the opposite will happen. Now I'm thinking perhaps my subconscious was telling me that I had nothing to worry about. Huh, I guess I should trust my instincts more.

4400: Trying to make sense of it all.

It must be a huge coincidence that I'm watching two shows where characters are named Kyle, Kyles who have metahuman abilities. This is speculations about the other show with a Kyle.

Anyway, so last episode, we see one of the Marked killing himself so he can transfer to another body. This doesn't seem to bode well for possessed!Tom. How will he get free and still live. Well, previous seasons seem to have the answer.

In Season 1, Kyle was in a coma for three years after Shawn accidentally took his place. Instead, he was possessed by a Future Human (FH) who told his dad to protect the 4400 and their mission. The possession was stopped when Kyle was shot dead center on his chest. But no, he didn't die which leads me to believe that it was the FH that died. Conclusion #1: Humans in the present can be possessed by humans from the future. Conclusion #2: It is possible to free the possessed human.

In Season 2, We learn that Kyle was still being possessed by a Future Human. We don't know if its the same one in Season 1. I personally don't think it was since FH2 killed Jordan, a huge blow to the 4400 movement and benefit the faction of FHs who are against the 4400. Shawn freed Kyle from that possession with his ability. I think Shawn might have used his ability to kill and killed the FH2. Conclusion #3: It is possible to free the possessed human without shooting him.

At the end of Season 3, Kyle takes promycin.

In Season 4, we learn about the Marked, a group of human beings being possessed by FHs who are against the 4400. We also learn about Kyle's new 4400 ability.

Final conclusions: Kyle was probably the first human possessed by these FH. He was originally chosen to be one of the 4400 as the conduit between the pro4400 FHs and Tom. Only that didn't work so well because Shawn interfered with the process. However, who is to say that it didn't succeed. It didn't work as expected but it did worked. Kyle is probably like an open open line that could be accessed by any FH, both pro-4400 and anti-4400.

I also suggest that in taking the promycin, Kyle changed this open link. He can no longer be possessed directly by the FHs. Cassie, I think is one of these FH talking to Kyle.

Also, there is still hope for possessed!Tom. He doesn't have to die to be rid of the possession. Remember Shawn and his ability that freed Kyle? If he did it once, he could do it again.



best Philippine Coca Cola commercial. 2004.

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Yes, I spent more time watching ads on tv rather than the shows.



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